November 22, 2004

We Need Queenie!

Submitted for the approval of the Munuvian society, allow me to introduce my first nominee ever...


She has sustained mass linkage this week, thanks to her fine heritage, and her incredible story-telling.

Already she is feeling confined within blogspot walls, and she is ready to spread her wings through customized munuvian robes.

Queenie is also terribly tech literate, so she will be self-sufficient, rather than a tech-tard whiner such as myself.

I hope the YAAYS are deafening, really I do. (If not, Eric, Mama, help me out here...)

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November 16, 2004

WeaselTeeth? Please?

Another blogger in desparate need for a new place to blog. He has always been very supportive and kind when I needed it, and is a true gentleman.

Weaselteeth, a very intelligent and thoughtful writer, has found himself involved in an untenuous situation at his current bloghost. It has gotten bad enough that this link may no longer work.

In the event that is the case, we were able to find a kind soul to download his archives.

I know you all are busy, but please take the time to look at this gentleman's site and render a "Yay" for him. A Good Guy shouldn't have to finish last when there's a community of other good people here to reach out and offer him a hand up.

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