January 31, 2006

GM Roper

As many of you might know, GM Roper of GM's corner has been diagosed with cancer.

He's a fighter though and wants to continue blogging. I would like to recommend he have a site though mu.nu- to help him keep costs down. He has run out of bandwidth several times in the past week and it's frustrating for him.

Any thoughts??


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January 23, 2006

Room For Another Blog???

A friend and fellow blogger, SactoDan is currently living at Blog*Spot and is ready to look for a new home.

He is a great writer and has a nice blog, but would like the freedom to do more with it. Not to mention he is a local Sacramento blogger as well.

I think he would be a great addition!

Can I get a Yay or two, or three :).

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A Good Fit for Shoe

Shoe of Chou Chope has been blogging now for a year on blogspot. She is delightfully creative and funny.

She would like a permanent home for her posts and comments (Haloscan only keeps so many comments) and I have been extolling the virtues of munuviana and family.

She and I share a Straight White blogfather and I would love to see her join this wonderful community.

Please accept this as my freshman, first-ever nomination for someone to join MuNu.

Thank you!

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January 11, 2006

A plea for Anna

This is a plea for Anna at Between Stupid and Clever.

She's an intelligent, self-depracating, unhappily married mother of one, muddling through life in the Midwest. And to top it all off, she's a prisoner of TypeBad.

Welcoming her into our nirvana would have the nice side benefit of bringing in a somewhat savvy designer - she built my original MuNu site (for free!) back in the day. (Of course, then I screwed it up and MadFish had to come save the day...but wait, that's a whole 'nother story.)

Please, vote today to Anna into Munuviana!

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