December 27, 2005

Can Merri Come Out To Play?

My wife, the indomitable Merri of Merri Musings, has finally had it up to there with TypeBad.

So, obviously, it is up to me to nominate her for a spot on

Now, she was offered a spot by being a Cotillion member, but at the time, she was happy with TypeBad. And when I begged and pleaded to Pixy for a space myself, I mentioned that she wasn't going to take up the offer.

Of course, everyone now knows how happy TypeBad was with her, and the rest of their subscribers.

So I hereby humbly nominate da wife for Munuvian citizenship.

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December 16, 2005

Holiday Cocktails!

I'm new at this nominating thing, but one of my favorite newer bloggers is getting itchy under the collar at BlogSplat, and I think he'd make a great addition to the MuNu family.

Check out Kipper of Cardinal Martini. He's a 5th generation USC Trojan with an interesting perspective. Here are some of his Random Thoughts.

Can we get a Yay! ??

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December 13, 2005


Can I get in? Recommendation here.



Domicel Q & A

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December 08, 2005

Frankly My Dear...

...I think you should join Mu Nu.

Folks, I have a site I'd like to put in for nomination. I've been a frequent visitor of the blog "Fiddle Dee Dee" for some time now and I'd say it's definitely worthy of consideration.

The author, Groovy Vic, is a proud stay-at-home-mom from Ohio and as feisty as Scarlett O'Hara herself. Plus, she's sick-to-death of dealing with Blogger.

Fellow Munuvians, what say you?

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December 04, 2005

Can I Get a New Munuvian?

Stinkerbell, of Fidgety Knitting, is looking for a new domain, after a lifetime of blogger hatred. She's been blogging for ages now (had another blog as well before stopping it) and has studied up on her MT in hopes that she can have a domain.

Can we please give her a domain?

Please :)

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