February 09, 2006

Done with Blogspot

Chris Byrne, over at The AnarchAngel , has reached saturation with blogspot and their "parent company" Google, and is looking for new digs. He has strong opinions on everything from politics, the constitution, and the WoT.....to what is the best way to make a great batch of buffalo wings. What say ya'll to granting him the secret handshake and Munuvian home?

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February 03, 2006

ANOTHER nomination

I know another good blogger whose site is down due to hosting issues.

Michael from Flightpundit...his site is down and he has talked in the past about moving to MuNu...NOW is the time. He's a good guy and his blog rocks. I miss it and Seth from Hard Astarboard and I want to nominate Michael.


Hope it's ok to nominate two in a row like this.

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