September 12, 2004

chaos princess

My dear friend Kyla (Chaos Princess) has been inspired by my new digs and skins at dramaqueen to dive off LJ into the MT swimming pool, although she's a little wary of a getting out of her depth with a whole heap of new technology she might not understand (which is understandable!). So I suggested that the lovely MuNuvians may like to let her swim in their pool.

She's a beautiful writer and always has something interesting to say. don't be put off by the seeming lack of entries - LJ lets you categorise entries as viewable by friends only or public (as you prolly know). She actually posts every day. I've asked her to put some entries out on show so you guys can get a feel for her writing.

Anyways, what do you think?

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September 08, 2004

Many, Many Thanks

Pixy Misa (Andrew), I've never properly thanked you for giving me the opportunity to blog in your domain. I've enjoyed every minute of it thus far. I've appreciated your immediate response when I've had difficulties, as well as the excellent and willing help of Madfish Willie, without whom this blog would not have the format with which I feel most comfortable.

I really, really appreciate all you've done for me. I hope I will find myself able to express my thanks in a more concrete manner soon.

Again, thank you.

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