August 31, 2004

Mature Individual

OK, so some of you may be put off when you go there and find the technical title to be Big Dick's Place. But the poor soul is suffering on Blogspot. He has tried to make design changes and lost some time and posting because of it. I'm sure he would love an easier platform from which to blog.

Admittedly, he is much more to the right than I, which means most of you will really like his stuff. So, I'm hopeful you will give Big Dick a Big YAY!

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What say you?

Harvey has initiated a campaign to get an epistolary savant to start blogging. You can read some of Peter's writing here, here and here. If Harv manages to browbeat him into blogging, I think he should call munu home. All those in favor, say "yay!"....

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August 26, 2004

The Art of Peace

I ran across David Weisman's blogging efforts and imagined he would make a fine addition to the Munuvian Universe. So, what do ya'll think?

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August 21, 2004

Nomination, Please!

I would like to nominate Kirsten. Not only is her blog nice, but she is incredibly kind and did her homework-she searched around and has her heart set on blogs, which she is a regular reader of. Can we give her a address? She is looking to move to us, and I support it!

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August 15, 2004


Goldie of Drama Queen is a fun, flirty Australian girl with a great sense of humor, whose blog was decimated about 3 weeks ago by a crappy ISP.

If you've ever been to a comment party with her, you KNOW she'd make a great addition.

Whaddya guys think?

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August 13, 2004

Munu awards

I 'member there bein' some mention of there bein' some awards for munu blogs discussed at some previous point and I have been awaitin' my award for the most underappreciated snarky inaniac in all of Munuvia. Ya'll know I am deservin'.

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Corporate Mommy

I'm nominating Elizabeth from Ravings of a Corporate Mommy. Great sense of humor, spot-on commentary, plus she has a Bear just like mine! Well, hers is a year younger but he's into Digimon so the differences can't be that big.

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