August 20, 2005

A Creative Genius!

Amy at Prochein Amy is looking to move out of blog city.

She's a design genius and Blog City is limiting her creativity! How dare they!!

She's been blogging for two years and isn't valued as she should be over at blog city!!

(Not to mention, she helped some of your favorite Munuvians set up their new blogs and make them look perty!)

What do you say? Can we rescue her?

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August 12, 2005

Yankee Nomination From A Southern Girl

My dear friend, Dino, who has been on Blogger for a couple of years now, is ditching his old blog because people in his community have been using his words as lubricant in the local gossip mill.

He is a very talented writer, who is ready to get more serious about it, and is looking for an escape from his current blogging format and the gossip whores who frequent his current blog. (He has taken my advice and decided that because of his position in his community, blogging under an assumed name is the way to go.) Therefore, I would like to nominate him for membership into the MuNu family. I think he would be a great addition.

What do you think?

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